I approach COUNSELING with authenticity, depth, and compassion. 

Psychotherapy is the space to be real and honest about your life. I will work collaboratively to support you in discovering new perspectives, practicing life enhancing skills, and developing a deeper understanding of self and others. I will support you to fully and deeply engage in the process of change, growth, and fostering compassionate understanding. I support you to bring all of who you are and to deeply explore personal challenges and strengths. Counseling can be a challenging process that includes approaching vulnerable feelings and experiences. The work in counseling is intended to be challenging within a therapeutic relationship of support.  

My role as a psychologist is to help you gain clarity about patterned ways of thinking, feeling, and acting to learn how to engage in life with purpose and value alignment. It is my hope to support you in discovering greater balance and creativity in life. Also, I approach therapy practically with a focus on uncovering potential solutions to life difficulties. I listen deeply; I am attentive; and I am active and present in session. I believe in the power of connected presence. I not only bring sensitivity and care, but also my humorous and playful nature, when appropriate. 

I work to create and maintain a strong therapeutic relationship that is safe, respectful, and non-judgmental. In therapy, I place focus on identities and roles that are important to you whether that be your race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religious/spiritual identities, or role as a parent, partner, student, etc. I also may integrate mindfulness approaches and techniques to assist in cultivating greater awareness and intentionality in life. 

My approach to therapy integrates interpersonal, multicultural, and cognitive-behavioral approaches, meaning that we may discuss and explore:

  • Family, friend, partner, coworker relationship history and patterns
  • How your thoughts, identities, emotions, and values interact to impact your holistic experience
  • Cultural strengths and areas of resilience
  • Social and environmental factors that impact your experience
  • Strategies to promote stress reduction and relaxation