Coming Out

For those of you who do not know about this day, read HERE

The idea of “coming out” suggests an emergence from somewhere or no longer hiding what feels true and authentic. These processes often occur for individuals who begin to openingly self-identify with specific sexual identities and/or gender identities. Coming out processes are typically not a one time event, but can occur frequently throughout people’s lives. Oftentimes, when folks develop safety, support, and care in their lives it may be easier to fully acknowledge multiple, intersecting identities. 

People’s coming out experiences differ. People’s reactions to personal disclosures also differ. Some people are embraced and cherished when they come out, others are shunned and banished from community, other folks do not “come out,” and yet others are merely tolerated. There is the potential for a wide range of coming out experiences. Being open, sharing, and acknowledging specific sexual identities and/or gender identities can sometimes feel complicated and scary, as such, coming out processes can never be coaxed or rushed because these processes depend on individual timelines and life considerations. It is important to make room for exploration and curiosity in coming out processes to determine your time and if “coming out” feels most appropriate for who you are and the supports in your life. 

For those who choose to come out and continually come out, this is truly a day for celebration (as is everyday)! 

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