Psychotherapy on "Still Waters"

There are times when folks choose to pursue therapy when generally feeling ok and stable in their lives. The waters may be still, calm, or moving along at a sustainable pace. So, why enter into a therapeutic relationship, when the “waters are still?” This could be a great opportunity for personal growth and change in the context of emotional and psychological stability. You may have more resources available to integrate new insights and greater ability to elicit support from others. It may also be an opportunity to prevent or lessen the impact of the "waves of life" through a supportive therapeautic relationship. At times, preventative measures can be helpful to defray the major ups and downs of life while also enabling you to work through more challenging times. 

Possible Benefits of Therapy on Still Waters:

  • Being more present and intentional with yourself and others
  • Feeling refreshed, grounded, and more able
  • Regaining a sense of self-empowerment
  • Feeling better about who you are and what you have to share with others and the world